4.9 Do the Right Thing


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Original Air Date: November 30, 1992 Production number: 77608
Written by:
Diane Frolov and Andrew SchneiderDirected by: Nick Marck

Joel: People are simply incapable of prolonged, sustained goodness.
Log line (1): An ex-member of the KGB visits Cicely to sell Maurice his official Russian dossier; a health inspector surveys The Brick for the first time in more then thirty years; Maggie makes a vow to herself to live each day as if it was her last.
Synopsis (1):

Viktor (guest star David Hemmings), an ex-Russian spy, arrives in town to sell Maurice his official dossier prepared by the Russian government. Since Maurice is in the midst of writing his memoirs, he purchases the file. Upon reading the information, he discovers the KGB knew of the one time he breached security. Chris helps him deal with his guilt by making him realize that everyone makes mistakes, even General MacArthur.

Viktor barters with JoelÑa badly needed medical examination in exchange for the dossier of Yevgeny Fleischman, a possible, although highly unlikely, relative of Joel's. As the doctor pores over the file, he becomes immersed in Yevgeny's life.

Jason (guest star John Hawkes), a young health inspector, visits The Brick for the first time since 1959. Holling takes personal offense at being told how to run his business. Realizing the importance of the inspection, Holling goes so far as to send Shelly to the movies with the young official in an attempt to achieve a higher grade.

When a neighboring pilot dies in a plane crash, Maggie becomes preoccupied with death and decides to live each day as if it was her last. Eventually the stress of constantly being a generous loving, kind person causes her to begin developing an ulcer.

(Production Bible):

In 1960, Maurice attended a CIA meeting, discussing the MA-1 fiasco.

Maggie once stole a John Coltrane album from Chris.

In exchange for medical services, Viktor gives Joel the dossier on Yevgeny Fleischman, who was involved with a Jewish dissident group in the USSR. Joel becomes fascinated with the stranger's file.

Maurice continues to work on his memoirs.

Guest stars (9):

Dave the Cook - William J. White
Viktor Bobrov - David Hemmings
Jason, the health inspector - John Hawkes
Neighbor - John Sylvain

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Baby It's a Crime -The Black Sorrows
[Jason inspects the Brick.]

I'll See You in My Dreams - Jan Garber
[Maggie brings mail to Chris.]

Baby, I'm in Love With You - Ricky Skaggs
[Holling suggests Shelly ask Jason to the movies.]

A Funeral in My Brain - David Schwartz
[Joel calls Yegeny.]

Shelly's Earrings:

Frying Pans with eggs and bacon [Talks to Victor about Oswald.]
Multi-colored toliets [Takes Maggie's chicken fried steak for a grilled steak.]

Standing cows? or Policemen? [Discusses movie with Jason, the health inspector.]
Hawaiian dolls [Discusses the repairs and stuff from the health report with Holling.]

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