6.2 Eye of the Beholder


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Original Air Date: September 26, 1994 Production Number: 77801
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell BurgessDirected by: Jim Charleston

Log line (1): Ed exposes an insurance scam while Maggie donates a priceless family heirloom for a charity auction
Synopsis (1):

Ed takes a part-time job as a private investigator and his first case is an insurance fraud investigation of Hayden Keyes, who claims to have tripped on a rake and injured himself at Lester Haines' place. Ed is uncomfortable spying on a friend's every move but does his job diligently and, after a lone stake-out, videotapes Hayden dancing in perfect health at home. Confiding in Hayden, Ed hurts his future in investigation but gives a friend a break by allowing Hayden to experience a miraculous recovery.

Sentimentality was never her strong suit but Maggie wins the prize when she donates an antique cast iron bank that was a prized possession of her grandfather for Cicely's library expansion auction. At the auction, Maggie feels guilty about giving up a treasure of a loved one and she and Chris get into a bidding war of which he is the victor with a five-hundred dollar bid. Unbeknownst to Maggie, Chris is a collector and she has to pay him one thousand dollars to get the bank back.

Maurice donates a case of red wine to the auction and uses it for a tax write off. As Maurice watches with a sinking feeling, Holling decides to splurge on the wine. Yet, to Maurice's amazement, Holling does not even notice that the wine doesn't taste quite right. Feeling guilty, but not enough to confess, Maurice instead gives Holling a bottle of one of his best wines and back issues of Wine Spectator magazine.

Shelly and Holling bid on an elaborate dollhouse for Randi's first birthday. After finding a bit of newsprint from 1892 inside, Shelly is fascinated and dreams that she meets the original owner who has since passed away. She becomes nervous and refuses to give the dollhouse to Randi, irrationally insisting that she will simply grow old and die like the first girl. After Randi's miraculous fIrst steps, Shelly accepts that she has to relish the moment while it's happening rather than ponder the inevitable end.

(Production Bible)

Walt was a member of Les Amis du Vin before Gallo had corks.

Randi's dollhouse dates to April of 1892

Chris' cast iron bank collection includes Uncle Sam, Flat Iron Building, Independence Hall Tower, William Tell, Boss Tweed.

Hayden has his shoulders waxed for Marsha.

Auction pulls in $2,854.65 for the library expansion fund.

Most memorable quote: "A te e a nostra figlia e a tutte les generazione."

Guest stars (9): Owen - George Barril
Henri Pepin - Philippe Bergeron

Auctioneer - Dennis Cockrum
Heather Haynes - Charmaine Craig [Article]
Hayden Keyes - James L. Dunn
Reynaldo Pinetree - Ronald G. Joseph
Mr. Leary - Rick Turner
Walt - Moultrie Patten
Mrs. Whirlwind- Armenia Miles

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

[Help! I need names of missing tunes from the original airings - email me.]

Shelly’s Earrings: Dolls [Discovers the doll house at the auction.]
Gold flat things? Ladders? [Cleans doll house.]
Pink presents [Randi's birthday party.]
Houses? [Talks to Holling about not wanting Randi to grow up.]
Additional Notes:

Mrs. Phyllis (Floyd) Mink from Cordova was the original owner of the dollhouse.

Ed says that Hayden does the Diamond Slide and the Mississippi Slump when Ed catches him dancing.

I *love* Shelly's skirt of ties - she wears it at the birthday party.

Charmaine Craig is a new author with her first novel, The Good Men.

More on Mechanical Banks.

Things I Own from the Show:

Joel's green linen button-down shirt - bought at auction during Moosefest 1997 (also appears in 3.3)

Footnotes and additional research

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