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Season Three:

3.17 Lost and Found:
• Sin Ti - Bud and Travis
[Joel finds out about Jack.]

• Again Tonight - John Mellencamp
[Maggie works on the truck and Joel demands a new cabin.]

• Side by Side - Kay Starr
[Maurice introduces the Colonel to everyone in the Brick.]

• Terrible Thing - Booker T. and the MGs
[Chris talks about a brick from Mel's guns & ammo.]

• Mein Herr Marquis
[Ruth-Anne and Eve discuss antacids.]

• Ave Veru
[Joel looks over Jack's things. Maggie brings an exorcist.]

• Calliope Rag American Sampler
[Chris talks on the air about the dead.]

• Poor Butterfly - Benny Goodman
[Joel's party.]

• Common Threads - Bobby McFerrin
[End - group picture.]

3.21 It Happened in Juneau:
• Siegfried and Isolde -- Act I (Wagner)
[Bernard arrives in town.]

• I'm in the Mood for Love
[Dr. Linda Volpe hits on Joel.]

• Am I Blue?
[Linda continues to flirt with Joel.]

• The Girl From Ipanema
[Maggie and Joel have breakfast together.]

• I Shot the Sheriff
[Joel turns down Linda's advances.]

• Toy Cows in Africa - Chance (Buy the album!)
[Chris and Bernard dream about Africa.]

• some "Juju from Nigeria" - ?
[Chris and Bernard tap their feet as Chris gets back his rhythm.]

• Clarinet and piano piece - ?
[Chris on his closing monologue.]



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