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Original Air Date: September 30, 1991 Production number: 77503
Written by:
Ellen HermanDirected by: Bill D'Elia

Joel: That's the movies, Ed. Try reality.
Ed: No thanks.

Log line: Chris emits a sexual scent which causes all women to lust after him -- all but the visiting optometrist. Perplexed by her lack of attraction, Chris suddenly wants only her. Maurice once again accuses Holling of stealing Shelly from him, leaving only Shelly to set the record straight.

Chris goes into "heat," emitting a seductive scent which attracts women of all types from near and far. A periodic affliction of Stevens men, Chris is prepared for the onslaught of women mesmerized by his smell. Joel is also fascinated by this biological phenomenon and launches into a scent study of his own. But just as Chris is beginning to enjoy it all, he meets visiting optometrist Dr. Irene Rondenet (guest star Caitlin Clarke), who is unfazed by his sexual scent. Perplexed by her lack of attraction, Chris stops enjoying the women who want him because he wants the one who doesn't.

Holling takes a photo of Maurice which is to be hung in the portrait gallery of the NASA Space Center. Maurice hates the photo and accuses Holling of purposefully taking an ugly picture of him. He also dredges up the fact that Holling took Shelly from him. Both men have their own version of what happened when Maurice brought Shelly to Cicely, but it takes Shelly, with her own version, to set them both straight.

Maggie has her own problems when Dr. Rondenet diagnoses her as farsighted and in need of reading glasses. Suddenly Maggie feels she's over-the-hill.

(Production Bible):

Maurice use to grow okra and make great gumbo. When he bought his house it had dry rot, cracked foundation, rusted pipes, but he had a visionÉhe and Holling used to pick off rabbits with a .22. Maurice brought Shelly into town on a Tuesday. According to Shelly the hole in Maurice's muffler gave her the headache she arrived with, and Dave opened the aspirin bottle. One time in St. Louis, Chris over-indulged with a roomful of eighteen year olds. Stevens Clan: did time and drank a lot; cousins married cousins.

Facts to Wax
(Production Bible):
Chris' (28 here in dialogue) pheromone episodes usually last 4-6 days, but this particular one, only 48 hrs. Maggie is 29 here (in dialogue). Joel's grandmother: Naomi Fleischman of Brooklyn Heights; makes hometaschen.
Guest stars: Irene Rondenet - Caitlin Clarke
Linda - Heidi Swedberg
Patti - Denice Duff

• I'm In The Mood for Love- Bill Coleman
[Maggie asks Joel if she can do anything about her eyes.]

• Laredo Rose- Texas Tornados
[Maurice and Holling argue over picture and Shelly.]

• I Want to be Sedated - Ramones
[Joel comes to Chris' trailer to tell him about the pheremones. The trailer is surrounded by women.]

• Tea With Alice
[Chris asks Irene if she can smell him.]

• Let's Dream in the Moonlight - Billie Holiday
[At KBHR, Chris and Maurice talk about women.]

• Under the Stormy Sky - Daniel Lanois
[Maggier shows up in makeup; Shelly explains her version of the love triangle.]

• Tea With Alice
[Chris tells Joel that he's in love with Irene; Chris and Irene talk in front of van.]

• Tea With Alice
[Chris and Joel talk about Chris' episode over. Chris and Irene talk as she gets ready to leave.]

• I'll Try Again - Kelly Willis
[Joel and Maggie talk. Maggie borrows Joel's eyeglasses.]

• Let's Dream in the Moonlight - Billie Holiday
[Chris on the air as the Optomobile leave town.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

Globes [Gives Chris his lunch, on the house.]
Gold teardrops [In Holling's recollection of the day Shelly came into the bar.]
Yellow & black tropical fish [Tries to get Maurice and Holling to make up.]

Additional Notes:

Joel: What's your recollection?
Shelly: My record collection?

Footnotes and additional research

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