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Dave and Not-Dave (Eugene):

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Dave (William J. White) works as the cook at The Brick, his quiet presence a constant in Cicely. Although almost everyone in town enjoys Dave's cooking, he receives a lot of abuse from Adam, who will never consider Dave a "cook." He is in the clan of the Bear, cousin to Marilyn and the clan of the Raven.

White lives in Washington state and is active with his music and video work. He is a regular at Moosefests.He had to leave the show due to reoccuring back problems.

The only mention of Dave leaving is in 5.22, Holling says " Eugene, who has taken over for Dave while he is on vacation."

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Eugene (Earl Quewezance) aka "Not Dave" was hired as the cook at The Brick after Dave left. The customers at The Brick seemed to like Eugene's cooking just as much as Dave's. (top)



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Cal Ingram (Simon Templeman) first appeared in Cicely at Maurice's request, a violinist hired to appraise Maurice's Guarneri. Upon discovery that Maurice was merely buying the violin as an investment and planned to lock it away in a safe, Cal was driven to insanity. Though sensitive and brilliant, his obsession with his art eventually committed him to a state mental institution. (top)

Appears in 5.13, 5.24, 6.13 and 6.22.

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Hayden Keyes (James L. Dunn) is Cicely's shady character, the closest the town comes to the criminal element. Among other things, he has broken into Joel's office, made false injury claims to insurance companies, and fired off guns (though not at anyone). (top)

Dunn appeared in other episodes as an extra. He was "Woodsy Man" in 5.16 Northern Hospitality. He was also one of the many "Mike's" on the show.

Walt Kupfer (Moultrie Patten) is an old friend of Ruth-Ann and Holling. Previously employed on Wall Street, he was fired by Charlie Merrill himself, at which point he returned to Cicely. After trying a stint as a store clerk, he became a trapper. He lives with Ruth-Anne.

Patten was born in 1918 and spent a lifetime on screen and stage, including Broadway's One Eye Closed (1954) and Secret Service (1977). In addition, he was in several movies, including Free Willy (1993) and Blast (2000) and had several TV guest roles. Patten's Walt became more of a regular character in 5.15 Hello I Love You, when he took a trip with Ruth-Anne to Cantwell. The original script called for Maurice to take that trip, but in "real life," Barry Corbin fell off his horse and broke his leg. Walt was written in, and also became Ruth-Anne's love interest.

An accomplished singer and storyteller, Patten has serenaded past Moosefest attendees. He released an album in 1997 "Give Away A Smile," containing standards from the 1930s. 40s, and 50s, as well as his own tunes. He currently lives in a returement home in Oregon. (top)

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Appears in 4.17, 4.23, 5.10, 5.12, 5.15, 5.17, 5.20, 5.24, and most of Season 6.

The Moose!

Morty the Moose ambled his way into our hearts during NoEx's opening credits. Anne Gordon, the show's animal handler, found the young moose at Washington State University, where he was part of a captive herd. Morty was an orphan from Alaska and had been raised on a bottle.

To do the opening sequence, the crew fenced off the town of Roslyn, set him loose, and lured him around with bananas and willow leaves. According to The Northern Exposure Book, Morty was paid $5,000 for his work because "he's the only working moose in the business."

Morty died on Jan 6, 1994, possibly of a copper and cobalt deficiency. He was approximately 5 years old. Moose only live about 6 or 7 years in captivity, compared to 16 years in the wild. He left behind many off-spring, including Melody and Matilda, who were born in the Spring of 1993.


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